Beverly Yacht Club,MarionOpti's Heading Out,BYC,MarionJ-24 Nationals 2014,BYC,MarionJ-24 Nationals 2014,BYC,MarionJ-24 Nationals 2014,BYC,MarionJ-24 Nationals 2014,BYC,MarionJ-24 Nationals 2014,BYC,MarionOpti Circle,Beverly Junior Regatta 2015,BYC,MarionBJR 2015,420 Class,MarionH Class Nationals 2015,MarionH Class Nationals 2015,MarionGolden Days,BYC Cruise 2015New York YC Invitational Qualifying Round,Newport 2014Shields and J-24's,Twilight Series 2015,BYC,MarionReaching to Cleveland Ledge,Hurricane Cup,BYC,MarionBuffalo,MMA,Hurricane Cup 2014,BYC,MarionBuzzards Bay Regatta 2014,PHRF,Class AHinman Cup Races 2009,BYC,MarionGlory,Twilight Series 2015,BYC,MarionRaptor Passing Centerboard,Twilight 2015,BYC,MarionMirage Serving Rum Dumbs,Trilight Series 2015,BYC,MarionTabor Boy AfterguardNot much WindStart of race1238,207,219 downwind191,219,237 downwind legH-226 Running DownwindH-49 Luffing UpH-49 Luffing Up WideH-175 Passing to Weather Action at the Low Mark (2)Start of Racing Class 1Freya Lining up to Start in Class 3Kanga Starting in Class 3Blue Pigeon 2 on Downwind Leg Class 2Raptor on Downwind LegBright Spinnaker on HardtackIsurus Lining Up for Start on Class 1Freya Lining up to Start in Class 3Hardtack Ready to Start in Class 1Raptor Lining Up to Start in Racing ClassRiva Starting in Class 1Raptor Starting in Class 1Isurus Going to Weather Just after StartRiva Starting in Class 1 #2Glory Getting Ready for Start in Class 2Gambit Leading Glory to the Starting LineFreya and Kanga Starting in Class 3Gambit Near Finish LineRelaxed Skipper of Shields Crew of Shields Light Air Mode For Twilight Time for Shields Heading Home at Twilight Time