1.8470 white spinnaker2.spinnaker reach3.4142,1367 reaching4.6559,8836 close reach5.8470 hiking6.offset action7.705 at offset8.offset turn9.1022,9081 close call10. turn here 705,8081,563411.starting line 112.starting line 2 bright13.starting line 314. downwind panorama 905514.6559 leading the way16.9055 fast stripes17.spinnaker stripes18.9055 hiking out19.9055 0n a plane20.6559,9055 at low mark21.6559,9055 finishing leg 122.6559,9055 finishing leg 223.888o finishing leg24.8880 near finish bright25.black spinnaker near finish26.1022,847- at finish27.just after the turn28.6887,8903 at finish29.6673,6922 at finish30.5748,5635 at finish